“Ignorance is the root of all suffering which is the lack of knowledge and understanding.”


In this sculpture I show ignorance as heads that are in the box, they are ignorant 

therefore they can’t find their way to happiness. They are in a dark area which is the box 

where they cannot see the light. They are all connected. They are all part of one body which is the universe.

 Dimensions:  30 X 20 X 24 cm

In this sculpture the boxes are almost open and heads are about to come out. 

They are not in the dark anymore, but still can’t see (heads don’t have eyes) and can’t hear (they don’t have ears). 

But there is still hope. Also, they are connected because all humans are connected like cells in a body. 

We are all part of the universe and therefore we are all connected. 

If one cell in a body is suffering it will affect all other cells. So if one human is suffering, it affects all other human-beings.

Dimensions:  38 X 24 X 26 cm

This is a combination of both showing ignorance as heads that are in the box, 

and some boxes are almost open and heads are about to come out from the dark.

They are all connected.

Dimensions:  59 X 46 X 49 cm

In this sculpture heads are out from the dark (boxes that are shown in previous sculptures) 

but they don’t have ears and their eyes are not open therefore they can’t hear nor see.

Dimensions:  68 X 48 X 48 cm

In this sculpture heads are out and wonder. They have ears and their eyes are wide open in the overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration. They are experiencing and understanding the unknown. They are in the state of admiring something beautiful, remarkable or unfamiliar. Dimensions: ​50 X 48 X 48 cm
This is man’s spiritual ascent to perfection through the mind and love. One’s mystical journey.

Deserting the ego, and dancing toward the truth and pure love.

Reaching maturity and perfection to serve the whole creation.

The dance of true happiness of overcoming lust and finding freedom within.

Dimensions: 61 X 48 X 44  cm

A manifestation of the bond between humans, and that we are what we have received from our mothers through generations. 

The attachment of mankind shown as the umbilical cord, symbolizes our attachment to our background and past generations; wanted or unwanted. 

Worshiping the symbol of Mother that is the source of all.

Dimensions:  50 X 40 X 33 cm 

Belief is; “an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof”.

We are all born in a family/society/country that mostly a strong belief is inherited generations after generations. One’s life is based on the set of rules through those beliefs, that is governing one’s behaviours.

Are one’s questioning his/her awareness of what is shaped one’s mind as “belief”?

Are one’s questioning the root of all beliefs?

How can he/she measure one’s belief is profound?

Do one’s have the power to change it if authorized?

Is one’s belief brings true knowledge so he/she can find happiness?

Dimensions:  66 X 48 X 27 cm

Human beings are members of a whole,    In creation of one essence and soul.

If one member is afflicted with pain,   Other members uneasy will remain.

If you’ve no sympathy for human pain,  The name of human you cannot retain!

a poem by “Saadi

Dimensions:  33 X 36 X 29 cm

The connection between human, and the link between human and nature. 

We are all part of the universe and therefore we are all connected.

I portrayed human in the state of togetherness and oneness. One’s actions will affect all other.

Dimensions:  50 X 50 X 60 cm

A link between human and their past, surrounding, tradition, condition and situation is described in this sculpture. 

The Umbilical Cord is what is binding the figures to each other. 

Their bodies are formed by the many faces together.  Those faces are representing history, tradition, culture.

One figure is in the support status that is firmly attached to the history and tradition. 

The other figure is in the state of flight and going forward, but, he’s attached with the Umbilical Cord and those many faces.

Dimensions:  64 X 40 X 46 cm

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There are periods or moments of pressure in everybody’s lifetime to the extreme that one would wish it no longer existed. These are the moments in life where one would feel desperate, uncertain or unbalanced because of the unusual sets of events.

In this sculpture, I portrayed an individual that is under that pressure (feet on top of a head) but he/she is trying to survive (head is half buried). In these periods one needs to make more effort, have extra support or have faith (the hand supporting the head) to overcome the situation because of one’s survival instinct. This shows the battles one faces in day-to-day life.

64 X 34 X 37 cm

Inspired the well known painting of “Scream” by Edward Munch, I portrayed my self who is screaming of all the unfair acts of all so called “close-people”.

Dear friends and trusted people that became sneaks at the end shown all around my head.

Screaming of unspoken words and feelings that wounded me.  I am portraying my self in that moment of life.

Dimmensions:  43 X 43 X 24 cm

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